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Complete Guide to Hosting

There are a lot of technical terms that go along with having your own website, and sometimes it can be hard to sort through them all.  One term that some people struggle with is web hosting.  Here is a breakdown of what web hosting is, why you need web hosting, types of web hosting, features of web hosting, and setting up web hosting for your WordPress website.


What is Web Hosting?


Web hosting is a service that is necessary for your web page or website to be seen on the Internet.  A web host provider is a business that has the equipment necessary for a website to be live.  Web hosting companies have special computers that will store the website information.  These computers are called servers, and the larger a website, the more server space, and power are needed to keep the website up and running without loading issues.


Why You Need Web Hosting


Web hosting makes it possible for people to be able to find your website.  Some website builders offer web hosting as a part of their package, but not every service offers this Internet necessity.  Without purchasing web hosting, your WordPress website will not be able to connect with users that try to find it.


Some people do host their websites on their personal computers, but this can be complicated as you have to have knowledge of how to setup a server on it and your Internet service will need enough bandwidth to keep up with how many visitors you have on your site.  Plus, if you ever have to turn off or reboot your computer, your website will not be available to visitors that are trying to reach it at that time.  In addition, as most home computers aren’t meant to be used as servers, so it will make your website run slowly.  The ease of using a web hosting service is usually why most people opt for it.


How Does Web Hosting Work


Your website will be stored on the web host’s server.  When a person enters your website into their search bar or browser, they are actually connecting their computer to the server that is storing or hosting your website.  This connection allows the server to load the webpage onto the user’s computer for them to use and explore.

What is Needed for Web Hosting?


There is not much that you need to do to sign up with a web hosting company for your needs.  You’ll need your website, and many companies will require that you have your own domain.  Your domain is the web address that a person types into the browser to view your website.  Some hosting companies sell domains that you can personalize for purchase, but there are other companies that allow you to just purchase a domain.


Types of Web Hosting Services


Website Builders


Some website builders will offer a variety of hosting services.  These services usually are geared towards beginners that need a website and can be used without too much technical knowledge or skill.  These offer the person a way to build their website through a browser and then publish it with a click of the mouse.  This can be the most basic hosting, but there are often different levels that can fit the needs of various sized businesses.

Shared Hosting


A shared hosting service is one that has several websites located on one particular server.  This means that the server is being shared when it comes to the server itself, and the software applications that the server has to offer.  This is usually a very affordable option because the cost is being split among several users.  There are some downsides to this type of service as it can sometimes be slower than other types of hosting.

Dedicated Hosting


Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting is where the server will only have your website.  It’s just dedicated to your website meaning that all of the resources on this server is only for your website.  This can offer better speeds and other benefits, but the cost is higher than with shared hosting as the cost is not being split up among several websites.

Collocated Hosting


Collocated hosting is where you have purchased a server and setup this server at the web host’s location.  You are responsible for your server, and will have full control of it.  This can cost more because you’re purchasing the server and will be paying to have the server at the host’s location.


E-Commerce Hosting

We always recommend using WordPress when building any website. And within WordPress, we also recommend using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that makes selling items online super easy. There are many helpful guides out there including courses, blogs and YouTube videos. They have easy integration with payment gateways like PayPal. And there are even hosting companies that specialize in woocommerce hosting services. This will give you enough hosting power to manage the traffic and space needed for an e-commerce online store.

Basic Features of Web Hosting


Web hosting companies offer a few different types of services to their users to help edge them out from the competition.  Some of the things that you should look for in web hosting features includes the amount of disk space being offered, bandwidth, email accounts, the number of domains and subdomains, support available, site backup, coupons towards services like Adwords, uptime figures, and other additional services.  You’ll want to keep these in mind along with the cost when determining the best web host for your WordPress website.


Setting Up Web Hosting


Setting up your website’s hosting is rather simple depending on the service you use.  You’ll start by selecting your plan and paying for it.  Select your account to manage your hosting.  Set up the domain name that your website will be using.  Upload your site, and voila.  Your WordPress website will be ready to get traffic from Internet users.  Many of the cheapest wordpress hosting services available today have great support if you run into any questions or concerns when setting up your web hosting.


This basic primer should help to get you on track to getting your new WordPress website up for people to find.  Web hosting doesn’t have to be a complicated subject, and many hosting services are working towards simplifying this process so anyone’s website can be found

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