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What is Graphic Design?


Graphic design is the art of making a website look visually appealing.  It’s creating the shape and feel of your website through a particular theme or visual look.  Each choice on your website, such as your font, graphics, placement, and more all tell a story.  You want that story to be something that captivates your audience.


Think You Don’t Need a Graphic Designer? You Are Probably Wrong


Just about anyone can slap together a DIY website to promote their business or product.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that their creation looks good to users that find them on the web.  In fact, many of the websites that get skipped over by users can be skipped over because of the way that they look.  They may not look professional.  They may not have all the pertinent information necessary for someone to make a decision.  For one reason or another, a poor website can be a be a death toll for your online business.

Revive Your Website With a Graphic Design Professional


That’s where a good graphic designer can come into play to save your dying website.  A graphic designer is able to take the initial ideas you have for what you want your website to look like, and kick it up a notch.  A good graphic designer can let you know what will work and what won’t for your website.  They know their business so they can guide you towards a design that will be attractive to keep users on your website long enough to read over your information.  When you find a good graphic designer, you can trust their judgment.


What to Look For With a Graphic Design Professional


There are a number of things that you want your graphic design professional to have during your search.  One of the first is that they have a website that keeps your attention.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same style that you’re looking for with your site, but you should be able to see their skills here.


The next thing that you want to explore is their portfolio.  This can help you to further visual the skills that they have, and whether or not they will be a good fit for you.


You may also want to determine how much experience they have with professional graphic design.  A great designer with a lot of experience is often worth their weight in gold because of what they bring to the table.


Recommendations and reviews can be another thing that you want to check out to see how their past clients feel about the service they received.  If they don’t have any listed on their website, you can always contact them for references.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with a graphic designer that is responsive to your needs and is a good fit.  You can usually establish this in your initial communications to feel out how your working relationship will be for your project.


Services Offered


I pride myself on being one of the best go-to graphic designs for websites because of my expertise and knowledge on what is going to give your brand the look it needs for users.  My services are a bit different from some of the other graphic designers out there.


Often, they have a package that you can choose where you pay that price, and that’s what you receive.  This package may not really fit your needs, but it’s the closest thing that works for what you’re looking to get out of using a professional.


That’s not how I like to handle business for my clients.  I think that the best thing for my clients is to offer customized graphic design services so that they aren’t paying for things that they won’t use.  This means that the amount of money for your project is specifically tailored based on what you need out of the design.


My Process


Another thing that I believe separates my work from my competitors is my process.  I feel that clients should be involved with their graphic design process and that it’s a partnership.  I think that it’s not professional to ignore any input given by clients.  Therefore, what I do is have an initial consult where we go over your wants, needs, and ideas for your website’s graphic design.


Then, I take this information and create a basic site for you to look over.  At this point, you can then give more information about how you feel about the look, and then any necessary tweaks are done to create your finished product.  You are involved during the process, and this is what I believe makes the difference in satisfaction for my clients.


Don’t Wait…


Contact me if you’re ready to revive your website’s graphic design.  We can go over your needs and create a cost projection for your project.

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